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Monday, January 21, 2002

we woke up with both thomas and william at the foot of our bed. i could barely distinguish them, laying as they were, almost identically, with feet hooked inwards and mouths breathing on each other. thomas woke up first, ever alert. "get up," he always says. and, of course, like his crazed dad, he wants things in a certain order. mom is supposed to get up and fix breakfast (biscuits and/or hot cereal) and turn on the t.v. for william (teletubbies). dad is supposed to go take a shower and get ready for work. if i ever attempt to get up and fix breakfast, it screws up thomas' entire morning. same if mom takes a shower. william, on the other hand, rises sort of dreamily and starts sounding off the litany of animals he now knows by heart. dog. ruff. duck. quack quack. dinosaur. roar. etc. etc. and so it is always in this way that we rise to greet the morning. i stumble on into the shower and headlong into the day. nothing in the rest of the hours, though, makes quite so much sense as these ever-so quickening moments. not people squawking into the conference line at work. not the traffic or the way we all drive in zigzaggy lines. not my 2 cups of coffee. not the clever jokes we all make about layoffs and the economy. cat. meow. mom. breakfast. none of it has those legs and those mouths.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

you want something you leeches? no apologies for being lazy, etc. no apologies for being sick. i'll write a little ditty and you'll be all over yourselves. smooth out the feathers. a little whine in your whiskey there frank.

o.k. i have no idea why the comments crapped out. crappy technology. none of it is in the least bit reliable. got a new host. crappy. they promise 99.9% uptime. i love that. 99.9%. did they really bring in a statistician? went to my page. first day. 404 error. did a site for some guys on solaris box. crap. used chilisoft asp. crap. ported over to asp > sql server. better, but still crap. i hear all this shit about mysql now. it's free. it's open source. blah, fucking, blah, blah, blah. crap. it's crap. cold fusion 5? ooooh. they've got enhanced features. you can write functions now. crap. you can't even friggin' post raw http. oracle. we use that at work. crap. i know what you're all thinking. it's a poor workman who blames his nuts. well, you know what? it's not the tools. you're right. it's the freakin' dumb-ass people who build them.

it's 2002. let's stop sucking ass.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

my good man mike d is moving to nashville. he will be sorely missed. he comes to rok you, nashville. and he's got supagroup in the trunk. what's that? you've never heard of supagroup? oh, you poor, poor shits.

on a different note or maybe the same since mike has contributed greatly to both my music and book collections, i got a ton of books for christmas. something about the world feels set right when i have at least 12 books stacked next to our bed. and all books that i want to read. many by hunter s. thompson of course. he'll kick your teeth in and kill the dentist, but god bless him. more american than a half dozen patriot missiles, my friends.

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