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I recently started writing stories again. I used to start them and never finish. I got tired of the actual work you have to put into it. Then I woke up one day and said íwhat the hell.í Iím 32 years old and I finally figured what I want to be when I grow up. So, these stories are the start. They are by no means the greatest thing ever written, but bear with me if I have to tell myself that every once in awhile. Iím still getting the every day bit down.

Some people think writers are gifted. I donít feel especially gifted, except maybe with a talent for learning things the hard way. Most days I feel moderately clever. Iím coming to realize that itís a craft just like everything else. Those suckers born with a natural talent usually end up falling on their face b/c they never could bring themselves to work at it. Iím in it for the long haul or at least until it kills me.

A final word on publishing. Iím not really putting these up here as "published" material or trying to self-publish (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Itís just a means for me to catalog my work and share it with a few friends and family. It also might change. I try to keep the excerpts updated as I change the stories. Sometimes I forget. I do send my work out and Iíll try to update the five readers of this site when/if something gets published.

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